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This is a hands-on "get it done" workshop!

Bay Club Hotel - San Diego, CA
November 14-17 2019

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Space is limited to 15 people

You may have gone to weekend training events before where it's been a good conceptual learning experience and networking event. There are hundreds of people and you get to meet and connect with a few of them. You learn a lot and you enjoy yourself ... while you're there.

But then the training event is over and you are left to figure out to implement what you learned on your own, without anyone to talk to about it. And that's when you get stuck!

Imagine now, going to a 4-day event, where you have an intimate setting in a beautiful physical environment for 4 days. You get VIP treatment, including lunches, and you really get to know and connect with your instructor and your fellow students, not only in the classroom, but around the table. This is a workshop where you can not only learn new ideas, you get to learn and actually put into practice  a structured process for getting things done that you can continue to use after you return home! 

Unlike other live workshops, you will receive live training and group coaching for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the workshop. This continuing live support is designed to ensure your success in creating an online business platform that works for you and to solidify your skills for building and maintaining your online business platform into the future.


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Here is what you get ...

Hands-on Implementation using the 3-step Agile Online Business Success System

Step 1 - Tame the Tech

An online business platform has 4 main components

  1. public content
  2. online marketing
  3. online sales
  4. online private content delivery.

Many of us are stuck with integrating multiple systems.

Integrating multiple systems = complexity  

Use a single development platform (Kajabi) that provides all 4 components and simplifies your life!

INCLUDED BONUS FOR STEP 1:  28-Day Free Trial of Kajabi

Learn why I recommend Kajabi as your solution to Streamline Your Systems and Simplify Your Life!

Watch Streamline Your Systems FREE Video

Step 2 - Create Compelling Conversations

Most websites support only one way of using them - providing online information in a passive way. If you are only using this approach visitors come to your website and go without doing anything!

Your website is interactive software!

Design your visitor experience to be engaging and interesting for them, leading to them wanting to take action to engage with you in a conversation that will help them solve their problems and lead them into a client relationship with you! 

INCLUDED BONUS FOR STEP 2:  Online Business Success Plan - a one-on-one expert consultation 60 minute session, written plan, and copy of recorded meeting. Outcome: a tailored execution plan to meet your business goals ($500 value)

Step 3 - Build Your Online Business with Sprints!

Incrementally build your systems using rapid, focused mini-projects called sprints! During the BYOB Workshop, you will design and build a working platform for your online business, including:

  • Your website - designed for engagement
  • Compelling conversation - marketing web page and email sequence 
  • Online payment for your compelling offer
  • Private customer content delivered in your online info product

Building Your Online Business Successfully!


Live Hands-On Workshop AND
Eight Weeks of Live Coaching & Training

Limited Spaces * Apply Now

4-DAY LIVE WORKSHOP - intimate implementation experience using the Agile Business Success System
  • You will design and build a working platform for your online business, including:

    • Your website - designed for engagement
    • Compelling conversation - marketing web page and email sequence 
    • Online payment for your compelling offer
    • Private customer content delivered in your online info product
BONUS FOR STEP 1: 28-day free trial of Kajabi
  • learn how to use Kajabi on your business before you pay the license fee. 
BONUS FOR STEP 2: Online Business Success Plan
  • A one-on-one expert consultation online business plan tailored to your business done before the workshop
8 WEEKS LIVE TRAINING,  COACHING AND COMMUNITY - BEFORE and AFTER the workshop to ensure successful implementation of your online business platform. 
  • Recorded and live virtual training to reinforce workshop training
  • Weekly group coaching calls to address your specific problems
  • "911" Calls after the workshop - One on one "quick question" support as needed for 4 weeks.
  • Training and coaching recordings, accessible any time with your online membership site
  • 24/7 Online community support

Apply NOW! Space is Limited to 15 people!

Get your online business platform done in 4 days!


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Limited Spaces 
Application to Attend

This workshop is intended to be a results-oriented, hands-on implementation workshop to create your online business. 

Please take the following steps to apply.  

Step 1 is to register your contact information below so we can communicate with each other.

Step 2 will be an invitation for you to watch a 27 minute video "Streamline Your Systems" (if you haven't already watched it) to explain the reasons why Kajabi is being used for this workshop. If you already have Kajabi, you can skip this step.

Step 3 is an invitation for you to complete a background information survey on you and your business.

Step 4 is an invitation to schedule time to talk about how you might use the workshop to build your online  business. We will also discuss specifically what's included in the group coaching and training program, what the workshop is like, what the total investment will be, and available payment plans.

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