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Business and data systems architect and experienced information systems program/project manager that conceives and delivers software systems aligned to organizational mission.

Innovative strategic planner with a proven record of delivering leading edge information solutions for NASA, ExxonMobil, FTC, NIST, industry consortia, and small businesses.

Collaborative communicator who uses agile management approaches to align executives, managers, system users, and IT technical staff to achieve a mission-aligned vision.

Experience in aerospace & defense, oil & gas, energy, chemicals, utilities, construction, computer-aided design, technical software, real estate data, and online marketing systems.

Award-winning contributor/leader– from small businesses, to medium size engineering & consulting organizations, to large global corporations and government agencies.

Certified High Performance Coach that improves and sustains higher levels of job performance for both individuals and teams in any size organization

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Technical Knowledge Transfer

Technical Expert Adviser for the US Federal Trade Commission
(San Diego, 2015-present)

Professional Passions: Facilitating technical team consensus and implementing organized approaches to accomplish a more effective knowledge and data transfer across competing companies.

My role has been to support the FTC Monitor in laying out the detailed compliance steps that are needed to complete an effective knowledge transfer and bulk data transfer between CoreLogic and RealtyTrac in order to preserve competition in the real estate bulk data marketplace.


Commercial Software Product Development

Product/Project Manager for AVERT commercial software - ARES Security Corporation 
(Albuquerque, NM 2013-2105)

Professional Passions:  Organizing development process by using collaborative agile software management approaches and focusing on highest priority user needs first.

AVERT is a highly complex dynamic physical security response modeling and 3D visualization for security system attacks and responses for nuclear power plant facilities..

Delivered 6 commercial product releases in 13 months using agile software management methodology.  

Organized information and work flow chaos using Confluence and Jira.



NASA Information Systems Architect &
Program/Project Manager

System Architect and Project Manager for NASA TechPort web application development
NASA Headquarters - Washington, DC
(ARES Corporation 2011-2013)

Professional Passions:  Achieving high standard of usability for a complex subject area. Consensus building among 10 NASA centers and leading a four-contractor development team. 

Led geographically-dispersed 4-contractor team to develop NASA Headquarters' Technology Portfolio (TechPort) application in 13 months, writing the concept of operations, project plan, and functional requirements. Our team pioneered the use of commercial cloud technology (AWS GovCloud) for the agency.

Data Architect for the NASA Constellation Program and ARES Program Manager for Constellation Program Support Contract.
Houston, Texas - Johnson Space Center
(ARES Corporation 2008-2011 and
Freedom Information Systems, 2006-2008)

Professional Passions: Consensus-building and collaborative data integration across multiple NASA organizations in 10 NASA Centers and multiple NASA Contractors to achieve NASA's mission of returning space exploration to the moon and beyond to Mars.

Winner of the Space Flight Awareness Award (2011) for Constellation Data Architecture

Key consensus-builder and contributing author for 6 major enterprise architecture documents.

Enhanced program-wide collaboration across 10 centers through supporting Confluence Wiki and Windchill PLM system.

Managed several custom application development projects to support the Constellation program.


Process Industry Data Exchange Standards

Industry Expert - Streamlining cross-company procurement processes for complex equipment (Houston, Texas - 1999-2006)

Professional Passions: Capture multi-billion dollar benefits for process and construction industries by streamlining complex equipment procurement using industry data exchange standards.

Conceived and co-led multiple, multi-year joint industry efforts to develop technical data exchange standards for complex engineered process equipment with a goal of reducing equipment procurement costs by 5%, or billions of dollars annually.

  • AIChE's Process Data eXchange Institute (pdXi) - draft ISO-STEP Standard (ISO-10303, AP-231)
  • FIATECH Automating Equipment information eXchange (AEX) project
  • Capital Facilities Industry XML (cfiXML)
  • FIATECH and Process Industry Practices (PIP) Global Valve Cross-Reference eCatalog (GVCC)

Facilities Engineering Software Management

Exxon Production Research Company
(Houston, Texas, 1980-1999)

Professional PassionsImproving software usability and data integration among multiple software systems to streamline the facilities design process.

Managed the development and support of a portfolio of over 20 facilities engineering design applications for the worldwide Exxon upstream oil and gas production engineering organization.

Led multi-year technical software platform migration from using batch IBM mainframe software to using interactive Windows PCs and commercial software. Facilitated company-wide adoption of Windows PCs and local area networks.

Integrated proprietary Exxon upstream and downstream thermo libraries in a fully-interactive software architecture, based on reusable software component libraries. Introduced agile software development and user interface design approaches to align closely to user needs.

Winner of several outstanding instructor awards for teaching facility design and process simulation.


Chemical Engineering Process Design & Process Safety

Lead Fault-Tree Analyst

Texas A&M, Mary K. O'Connor Process Safety Center (2001)

Adjunct Professor

Senior Chemical Engineering Process Design

  • Rice University (2000)
  • Texas A&M University (1999)

PhD ChE - Carnegie-Mellon University
MS ChE - Carnegie-Mellon University
BS ChE - University of Cincinnati

Professional Passions:  Process Design, Chemical Engineering Computation, Process Safety, Fault-tree Analysis, Vapor Dispersion and Explosion Consequence Analysis



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